What some clients say about the program

“Ligia’s presentation on grief was more than just a presentation. It was an interactive, experiential conference where we felt first hand how her compassionate strategies for healing grief are implemented and effective, allowing us to immediately begin using these techniques with our own clients.”

Christina Samyan

“I recently attended Ligia Houben’s one-day seminar: “Transforming Grief and Loss.” It was absolutely amazing! Not only was it tremendously insightful, it gave me the practical tools that I needed to approach my work as a Chaplain and Bereavement Counselor much more effectively. I have attended many seminars before that have helped me. However, Ligia’s training, instructing, and approach was powerful and tops them all! It was engaging, lively, practical and heartwarming. I walked away better equipped to make a difference in the lives of others, while at the same time I experienced some of my own healing from my personal journey with grief! Thank you Ligia, you are an amazing person and teacher!”

Chaplain David Guerrero, M.Div, BCC, Bereavement Counselor

“Hello Señora Houben, It was a pleasure to attend your program last Friday. This writer found the information you shared very informative and useful. It was positive which is very much needed and beneficial for the population I work with. As I processed the meeting, I would be remiss if I did not share this thought with you. You dear Lady have been Blessed.! What a wonderful talent our Lord has given you. You are a perfect fit for the subject you teach.”

Jerry Linch, MA, LPCC
Be Safe

“Ligia’s workshop presented a comprehensive view on providing compassionate care for the universal, yet unique, experience of grief and loss. I appreciate her client-centered approach and commitment to meeting people where they’re at. Her knowledge and skill in the field are apparent and her work is invaluable to me as an individual and professional.”

End-of-Life Counselor & Advocate, White Bird Clinic

“Dear Ligia, I was in your workshop this Tuesday in Trumbull, Connecticut. Thank you for the informative workshop on loss and grief. It was amazing to discuss many types of losses and that expands my understanding on this topic. “


“Hola Ligia, thank you again for the wonderful seminar, I really enjoyed it. Also wanted to let you know that I am giving a training session tomorrow to local therapists, and I have included your book in my presentation as a great resource.”

Ali Houshmand M.A., LMFT, LPC

“Hello Ligia, I want to thank you for the wonderful presentation I attended yesterday. I found it full of intelligence and heart with loads of thoughts and techniques to bring to my clients. Thank you so much.”

Linda F. Stone, PhD. APNP

“Thank you for such a value-added seminar today! I appreciate your offer to email me the book title of online bereavement forums for grief and loss. Many thanks and be well!”

Joanne M.
Stevens, LCSW

“Hi Ligia, I so enjoyed the workshop you did in Arlington, VA on January 21st and came aways with many rich resources and ideas! Thank you!”

Sarah Boone, MS, LGPC, Therapist

“Hi Ligia, I attended your transforming Grief and Loss training in Portland on Tuesday, July 12. I have been meaning to get in touch and say thank you. I loved your vibrancy, passion, compassion, and ability to engage us. You reminded me that this is the work of my heart and helped me renew my commitment to grief work. I am grateful I had the chance to learn from you. Thanks again.”

Lisa Knudsen, Counselor

“Enjoyed my day listening to Ligia speak in Columbus. I specialize in grief work and feel that she gave me many new tools that I didn’t have. She is so passionate about the field and tied with her knowledge, she was extremely enjoyable!”

Stephanie Neer, LPC

“Ligia, I wanted to drop a note before too much time passed and share again what an amazing speaker/person YOU are! Yesterday’s program was the best PESI seminar I have ever attended. My interest and attention was 100% the whole time-not true about most programs. I am awed you did that full day program THREE days in a row…another reason I think you are amazing. Best.”

Anne Hensley, Licensed Professional Counselor

“Thank you for your presentation. I very much appreciated the warmth and compassion that came through in your talk.”

Shelley Mehl, PhD

“Ligia’s workshop on transforming grief was exquisite. From the moment we began, she engaged everyone gently and artfully in in sharing our own experiences with loss of all kinds. She made our sharing safe by first sharing her own story of the loss of her father. Her warmth and compassion, combined with her depth of experience and knowledge, allowed her to respond to each participant beautifully and to use each human story as a building block to understanding her 11 principles of transforming grief and loss. Often, I find that CEU workshops are dry and devoid of connection. The information may be fantastic, but the process isn’t. Not true at all with Ligia’s workshop. I learned an enormous amount that will help me professionally and personally. And, I enjoyed the warmth and connection that Ligia created amongst all of us. Ligia is truly a fantastic person and presenter. It was a great privilege to attend her workshop.“

Candace Blase, Art Therapist

“Hi Ligia, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your presentation this past week in Arlington, VA. It was a wonderful workshop…well worth the money. All the best.

Jim March, Jr.

“Ligia, Happy Monday to you! I attended your training sponsored by Pesi: Transforming Grief and Loss in Pittsburgh in May 2016. I loved it!”

Amy Solman LPC, CADC, MA

“Ms. Houben, my name is Adam Avila and I am an LPC in San Antonio. I recently attended the Transforming Grief & Loss seminar in San Antonio. It was very helpful and informative. Since then I find myself being exposed to a number of cases where the application of some of the tools you provided has been extremely helpful. Thank you so much.”

Adam Avila M.S., L.P.C.